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  • Seamless Paisley Pattern

    “This is a seamless paisley pattern vector sample from our Supreme Vector Set. You can use these vectors as you wish, for your clients or for your personal projects. You are NOT allowed to resell them or repost them for free. For extended license and more high quality vectors check out” via Vecteezy Download [...]

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  • Random Apple Pattern by LVF

    Random Apple Pattern by LVF

    Here’s a random pattern of red delicious-ish apples.  They’re shiny and might make you hungry.  Free for commercial and personal use! Click Here To Download & Use!

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  • Gears Pattern by LVF

    Gears Pattern by LVF

    Here’s a busy gears pattern in black and white. Try reducing the opacity if you want to quite it down! As always, this was made by LVF so it is free for commercial and personal use!  Do whatever with it! Click to download our Gears Pattern (SVG)!

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  • Bee & Honeycomb by LVF

    Bee & Honeycomb by LVF

    Here’s an illustrative, vector bee above a vector honeycomb background. Just in time for summer! Buzz. EDIT: One of our users kindly pointed out that this is actually a hornet.  Thanks! Download link: (Now Includes .Ai & .SVG!!!) EDIT: Thanks to letting us know the link was down!

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  • 5 Seamless Patterns from BittBox

    5 Seamless Patterns from BittBox

    Here we have five free vector patterns that fit together seamlessly! Because they’re vectors, they can be stretched to any size that is necessary. Download here: 5 Free Seamless Vector Patterns | BittBox.

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  • Mosaic Background LVF Exclusive

    Mosaic Background LVF Exclusive

    Green, blue and white mosaic vector background! Free for personal and commercial use.  Link to us if you want. xoxo Download Background (.SVG)!

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