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  • Shiny Sports Balls by Vectortuts+

    Shiny Sports Balls by Vectortuts+

    Exclusive Freebie Pack – Shiny Vector Sports Balls | Vectortuts+. This includes a golf ball, volley ball, tennis ball, bowling ball, basket ball, US football, 8 ball, baseball, hockey puck and a soccer ball (football for non-US visitors).

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  • Two Dogs and a Bone by LVF

    Two Dogs and a Bone by LVF

    Another LVF original, which means you can copy, destroy, sell or whatever. Download: two dogs and a bone

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  • Candy Sweets by Sanquenetti Design

    Candy Sweets by Sanquenetti Design

    Candy Sweets. Includes ice cream on a cone, a lollipop, and other candies. Old fashioned and full of pastel colors! via Candy Sweets Vector | Free Vector Art & Graphics.

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  • Love Is In The Air by

    Love Is In The Air by

    Here’s a nice set for the boiling hot summer season. It features silhouettes of couples, kissing, balloons, hearts, etc. Make a card for your girlfriend, or make a young sibling vomit! Click here to download it! Vector artist: (Vector NET) License: Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 3.0 The vectors are fully editable and the download zip includes Illustrator [...]

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  • Wild Animal Icons by VisualPharm

    This is a set of highly detailed wild animal icons ranging from a panda to a hippo. Check them out, and let us know if you have another favorite animal icon set! Free Animals Icons from VisualPharm.

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  • Free Vector Tags by Pixel Pusher

    Free Vector Tags by Pixel Pusher

    “Well here are my first of many free vectors. I had a lot of fun making these, especially the air freshner. I hope you find good uses for these if not know maybe later. They are Illustrator 8 eps. files so you shouldn’t have a problem. Just click on the download button and they will [...]

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  • Caution Sign Pack by LVF

    Caution Sign Pack by LVF

    Here’s a set of 6 different caution-styled signs for your website. They could be used for non-existent urls. “Whoops, Darn!, OMFG!, NO., @#$%^&*, and PC Load Letter?” Click here to download our caution signs - for free commercial and personal use!

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  • Random Apple Pattern by LVF

    Random Apple Pattern by LVF

    Here’s a random pattern of red delicious-ish apples.  They’re shiny and might make you hungry.  Free for commercial and personal use! Click Here To Download & Use!

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  • Simple & Trendy Vectors by

    Simple & Trendy Vectors by

    Check out these trendy, multi-use icons and graphics in .EPS format. Items include soda, a cupcake, brush, guitar, a butterfly, etc. Direct Download: Hosted By Us! EDIT: The site has triggered a few malware warnings by google chrome. We are hosting this directly as it does not violate their current terms of use! Personal [...]

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  • Cute Animals Vector by ~yurike11

    Cute Animals Vector by ~yurike11

    Artist’s Comments: These are the newer version of puffy animals vector. Again, random things I created just for fun. The major changes here is the coloring. The previous version’s color was dull and flat D: Hope you like it XD via Cute Animals Vector by ~yurike11 on deviantART.

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