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  • Simple & Trendy Vectors by

    Simple & Trendy Vectors by

    Check out these trendy, multi-use icons and graphics in .EPS format. Items include soda, a cupcake, brush, guitar, a butterfly, etc. Direct Download: Hosted By Us! EDIT: The site has triggered a few malware warnings by google chrome. We are hosting this directly as it does not violate their current terms of use! Personal [...]

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  • Cute Animals Vector by ~yurike11

    Cute Animals Vector by ~yurike11

    Artist’s Comments: These are the newer version of puffy animals vector. Again, random things I created just for fun. The major changes here is the coloring. The previous version’s color was dull and flat D: Hope you like it XD via Cute Animals Vector by ~yurike11 on deviantART.

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  • European Butterflies by LVF

    European Butterflies by LVF

    Here we have some stained glass themed butterflies.  They are based on a public domain illustration of european butterflies. Get Your Butterflies (.Ai and .SVG)!

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  • Pink Flamingo by LVF

    Pink Flamingo by LVF

    A majestic pink flamingo in grass. Click Here To Download Our Flamingo (.Ai and .SVG)!

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  • Hand Drawn Flowers from BittBox

    Andy Warhol-like flowers made with a Wacom Tablet via Free Vectors: Flowers | BittBox.

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  • Music Poster from vectorious

    “Abstract, free music illustration with people, mic and stars.” Download here: background vector illustration

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  • Cute Critters Pack from Tutorial9

    Cute Critters Pack from Tutorial9

    The Cute Critters Icon Pack is a free Icon set with 13 painfully cute critters. via Cute Critters Free Icon Pack | Tutorial9. NOTE: Each icon is in .png format sized at 512×512px with transparent backgrounds.

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  • Background by ~jixar

    Background by ~jixar

    Night sky w/ florals Click here to download

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  • Sketchy Cupcakes

    Sketchy Cupcakes

    A sketchy set of colorful cupcakes! Great for a hard-rock or metal website, probably. Download:  Cupcakes (.Ai and .SVG)!

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