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  • RSS At Sea by VectorsOnFire

    RSS At Sea by VectorsOnFire

    RSS At Sea (7 RSS Icons) | Vectors On Fire - Hottest Free Vectors to Download..

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  • Santa Cruz Lighthouse by Amish Sniper (on LVF)

    Santa Cruz Lighthouse by Amish Sniper (on LVF)

    “I made this image as wallpaper for my wife, but she didn’t like it - I hope someone out there will. The inspiration was the lighthouse at 36 57′ 4″ N, 122 1′ 36″ W in Santa Cruz, California. Please create your own sea life and post to lovevectorfree so I can add them to my wallpaper!” This work [...]

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  • Ocean Background by LVF

    Ocean Background by LVF

    Here is a gradient-heavy ocean background with bubbles and waves.  It can be used for any purpose, like the background of a website or the start of your next illustration.  Share it with others via the links below! Click here to download: OCEAN BACKGROUND (.AI, .SVG)

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  • Fishy Textures by LVF

    Fishy Textures by LVF

    Here’s some textured fish vectors currently set in primary colors. The download file is .ai, so feel free to change the colors to whatever you’d like.  Remember, every LVF original is FREE FOR COMMERCIAL USE and personal use.  Use ‘em to your hearts content. Click Here To Download Our Textured Fish (.Ai and .SVG)!

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  • Crabs

    Download for commercial or personal use.

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